Does anyone want their photo taken?

Below is a slideshow of 16 portraits of different people. Each photo is unique in that none of the subjects are doing the same action and the angles and composition of each photo are different. There are small captions for each photo explaining what the person is doing, their name, and where they are. Some are candid and some are posed, but the angle and composition of each photo relates to what the subjects are doing.

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Eating in Rockland

Rockland County is the smallest county in New York and isn’t that well known, but there are a bunch of great places to eat if you ever get stuck there or are passing through. I’ve created a map of the places that I’ve been too and are fairly well known for their food. I’ve included little blurbs about each establishment and why you should go there if you’re ever in town. Happy eating!

A Closer Look at Timesheets

Timesheets seem very mundane, and they are, but the video linked below shows a different angle of filling out timesheets. Take a look at one of the students at UAlbany properly filling out their timesheet at work.

Infographic on Campus Center Connections

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.36.11 PM.png

This is an infographic on some of the statistics from Campus Center Connections. The statistics were taken from the yearly report that’s created by Jessica Krupski, the Assistant Director of Evening Events.